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WWOOF Malaysia 0047

Jitra, Malaysia

A newly started farm located at Jitra, Kedah. It's just 20 minutes from the city of Kedah, Alor Setar. We prov...


WWOOF Malaysia 0056

Bentong, Malaysia

At Bentong Happy Farm, our basic principles are sustainability and environmental awareness. Our 60 acre farm ...


WWOOF Malaysia 0021

Macang Bubuk, Malaysia

We are an organic farm. We grow fruits and vegetables and rear chickens, ducks and geese.


WWOOF Malaysia 0030

Kubang Pasu, Malaysia

A farm built on ECO & Organic platform, ready with group activities, farm stay, outdoor camping, and many more...


WWOOF Malaysia 0012

Raub, Malaysia

Practice natural farming and respect the nature


WWOOF Malaysia 0040

Broga, Malaysia

Establishing the self-sufficient edible forest through home-scale permaculture and natural farming. To share o...


WWOOF Malaysia 0054

Kedawang, Malaysia

We are in the starting phase of a project that is created in order to help Burmese refugees, Rohingya, to live...


WWOOF Malaysia 0048

Balik Pulau, Malaysia

Nazlina is a Slow Food convivium leader in Penang, Malaysia. Basically she is a cook but she also enjoys garde...


WWOOF Malaysia 0031

Kulai, Malaysia

This is a homestay style project that I have initiated to create awareness on the importance of living with na...


WWOOF Malaysia 0043

Sagil, Malaysia

A small (6 acre) farm set against the beautiful Mt. Ophir in Tangkak Province, Malaysia. We cultivate/raise ...


WWOOF Malaysia 0023

Gua Musang, Malaysia

A new farm of just over 3 acres, while mainly focusing in vegetable farming, I will also rear poultry, fish, a...


WWOOF Malaysia 0027

Sungai Petani, Malaysia

Aquaponics farm operates in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia


WWOOF Malaysia 0010

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Permaculture food forest and eco-village under planning on a 5-hectare land. Need volunteers on areas such as ...


WWOOF Malaysia 0011

86000 Kluang, Malaysia

Zenxin Organic Food is the leading organic fresh fruit and vegetables producer and retailer in Malaysia and Si...


WWOOF Malaysia 0053

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Havil International School is gearing towards being the first green school in Kuala Lumpur. We designed the sc...


WWOOF Malaysia 0009

Lojing, Malaysia

Moonriver Lodge is a rainforest highlands farmstay located at Sigar Highlands. The lodge has its own food gard...


WWOOF Malaysia 0008

Philippines, Malaysia

I farm minds of physical farmers and consumers in the Philippines and beyond. My concept is to promote tradit...


WWOOF Malaysia 0007

lorong melati, Malaysia

lot 2978 is a 2 acres land, gazetted for agriculture purposes. we had grown lemon-grass, without pesticide & s...


WWOOF Malaysia 0038

Kampar, Malaysia

Sahom Valley is a resort sprawling within a 50 acres of land area. Our landmark is located at such a strate...


WWOOF Malaysia 0020

Taiping, Malaysia

Arture Homestead is a new venture into organic farming, sustainability and environmentally friendly living.


WWOOF Malaysia 0029

Lawas, Malaysia

This is a homestay. Design to create awareness amongst my community of the importance of living with nature. A...


WWOOF Malaysia 0005

Batu Arang, Malaysia

The Lord's Garden is a place for transforming character through manual labor.


WWOOF Malaysia 0004

Jalan Fenellum, Malaysia

My partner and I have a 5 acre undulating land that is planted with Jasmine flowers but now we are converting ...


WWOOF Malaysia 0003


permaculture institute and home!


WWOOF Malaysia 0002

Kahang, Malaysia

Kahang organic rice eco farm (Koref) is first and only certified integrated organic rice farm in Malaysia sinc...


WWOOF Malaysia 0001


Trying to be self-sufficient as much as possible. This is not a commercial enterprise but a life style choice....


WWOOF Malaysia 0055

Tawau, Malaysia

Asiatic Organic Farm currently the first ever and the only one organic farming company which is cultivating cr...


WWOOF Malaysia 0014

Penang, Malaysia

I am a farmer doing sustainable farming and sustainable living education in a 1 acre land. I do grow vegetable...


WWOOF Malaysia 0015

Malacca, Malaysia

Kebun Kalleo Kebun Kalleo is situated in a peaceful village - Kesang Pajak, a 20-min car ride away from A...


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