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WWOOF Latvia 0001


Family farm. Doing permaculture. Need help to do autumn jobs - food preparation for winter, garden beds prep, ...


WWOOF Latvia 0010

Gatarta, Latvia

We are just in a begin of our project of establishing an organic farm, with Permaculture project, Food forest ...


WWOOF Latvia 0006

Salacgriva, Latvia

humble homestead of colorful craftsmen


WWOOF Latvia 0005

Smiltenes Novads, Latvia

Help with general maintenance and gardening on a eco farm in the green heart of Latvia


WWOOF Latvia 0022

Amatas novads, Latvia

We are a couple in our 40s. We are growing vegetables in our small organic farm and building a straw-bale hous...


WWOOF Latvia 0009

Priekuļu novads, Latvia

This is a place to recharge from the bustle and demands of city life. Work with hands indoors and outdoors. Gr...


WWOOF Latvia 0002

Kekava, Kekavas novads, Latvia

We are family owned small camping, sports and activity center near capital Riga


WWOOF Latvia 0016

-----, Latvia

Nature reservation building project.


WWOOF Latvia 0008

Riga, Latvia

"Cimbuli" is located in the central part of Latvia (Vidzeme), 1oo km from Riga, 216m above the sea level in ve...


WWOOF Latvia 0024

Cesu novads, Latvia

We run Gobukalni biological farm where we grow Scottish Highlander cattle and Rucka Artist Residency with a sm...


WWOOF Latvia 0007

Jakstai, Latvia

We are small organic sheep farm with very nice countryside in Lithuania. Jakstai is 25 Km from Utena the neare...


WWOOF Latvia 0012

Indra, Latvia

Deep rural area on the edge of European Union with quiet and clean surroundings, full of calmness, yoga, medit...


WWOOF Latvia 0003

Rundales Pag, Latvia

Upmala (Creekside) Manor, a rather grand name for a ruin of a farm sat in the middle of Latvia. This is my new...


WWOOF Latvia 0023

Ikšķile, Latvia

For several years we have been practicing permaculture methods in Garden, located next to the hystorical build...


WWOOF Latvia 0014

Jelgava, Latvia

Cultural Education Center "Svētgrīvas" is a project of "Rainbow 2005" and is created for each of us to give ...


WWOOF Latvia 0021

Liezēres pag., Latvia

"KALNU MEDUS" (Highland honey) - beekeeping farm at Vidzemes central highlands. Collects beekeeping products i...


WWOOF Latvia 0018

Grundzāle, Latvia

Surrounded by meadows of flowers, forests of wilderness and farm beauty, that could be the right words how to ...


WWOOF Latvia 0004

Tirza, Latvia

Very beautyful country place with some agricultural activity. A new greenhouse with blueberries and some honey...


WWOOF Latvia 0015

Vilaka, Latvia

"Mieriņi" is a family farm in the middle of meadows and forest, located near the Latvia-Russia border in the ...


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