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WWOOF Finland 0059

Sipoo, Finland

Versatile biodynamic farm community focusing on vegetable farming right next to Helsinki.


WWOOF Finland 0034

Kuopio, Finland

I have organic (straw)berry farm in north east Finland, its 20km from city called Kuopio. Farm has history si...


WWOOF Finland 0087

Tornio, Finland

We produce sheep, vegetables and landscape. Our 150-ewe -flock utilizes riverbanks of Tornionjoki, from our ar...


WWOOF Finland 0006

Paltamo, Finland

Icelandic horse farm


WWOOF Finland 0064

Saarijärvi, Finland

We grow organic hay, do track riding with Icelandic horses and run a B&B, offering accomodation and catering


WWOOF Finland 0017

Vaivio, Finland

We grow large variety of vegetables for sale and for our own use. We aim to live in harmony with the nature.


WWOOF Finland 0012

Enontekio, Finland

Our Husky farm of c. 150 working and retired sled dogs is run as ecologically responsibly as possible (as you ...


WWOOF Finland 0028

Virtasalmi, Finland

+++Also in 2015 we still have to concentrate on our starting business in bees keeping. We cannot host wwoofers...


WWOOF Finland 0101

Maukkula, Finland

Puustilan maisematila is a small farm in the eastern Finland with beatiful sceneries. Some parts of our area i...


WWOOF Finland 0025

Kuhmoinen, Finland

A small organic garden within a small holiday retreat place in the forest by a lake


WWOOF Finland 0045

Lohja, Finland

Small rural property one hour away from Helsinki.


WWOOF Finland 0042

Lielax, Finland

Small horse farm, which also have chickens and other small animals.


WWOOF Finland 0029

Pälkäne, Finland

A lovely rural setting with a lake at the bottom of my place. Most of the wwoofers I have had there over the y...


WWOOF Finland 0031

Hakko Kurikka, Finland

Family run organic farm producing potatoes, beas, oats.


WWOOF Finland 0081

Kaarina, Finland

Small community in Kaarina, 10km from the city of Turku. 1,5ha of land by the sea.


WWOOF Finland 0015

98230 Luusua, Finland

A small farm right on the Arctic Circle in Finland! We live by the lake and grow, fish and hunt most of our fo...


WWOOF Finland 0007

Parainen, Finland

Living with earth, fire, water, wind - caring, creating, growing, enjoying - home with children & animals. In...


WWOOF Finland 0023

Ekenäs, Finland

Villa Westergard is a small tantric eco-community in southern Finland


WWOOF Finland 0076

Sastamala, Finland

A rabbit farm surrounded by nature, wild flowers & birch trees everywhere


WWOOF Finland 0093

Fiskars , Finland

We are family of 3; me 35 year old mama, my hobby and 1,3 years old sweet daughter. We need help here in idyll...


WWOOF Finland 0038

Mustio, Finland

We have an organic herb farm where we grow and sell potted plants for garden centers and to people for plantin...


WWOOF Finland 0002

38840 NIINISALO, Finland

We have two farms closed to each other. One for growing organic oat and an other one for living in real countr...


WWOOF Finland 0105

Koski as, Finland

This family farm has a history of several generations. It is currently being brought back to life again with a...


WWOOF Finland 0032

Kuusamo, Finland

We live in a small farm, located in Kuusamo, Lapland of Finland, 20 km away from the skiing center Ruka. We ha...


WWOOF Finland 0040

PÖYTYÄ, Finland

Our farm produces organic strawberries. Our family has been producing strawberries since 1967. We have been or...


WWOOF Finland 0041

Lumparland, Finland

1,7 ha in Åland Archipelago, in the early phases of trying to establish a mostly fruitarian garden, bought th...


WWOOF Finland 0080

39380, Finland

Ylatalontila is a family-owned organic farm in Tampere region, Finland. We specialize in traditional Finnish c...


WWOOF Finland 0071

Varpaisjärvi, Finland

Relaxed time in the heart of Savo with a nice family and their animals. We are happy to teach you our lifestyl...


WWOOF Finland 0069

Tyrnävä, Finland

Medical mushroom farm in the middle of the forest. Forest managed ecologically.


WWOOF Finland 0065

soini, Finland

Beef cattle and sheep farm in Southern Ostrobotnia. We have also bees and chickens.


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