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WWOOF El Salvador 0002

San Salvador, El Salvador

The farm is beautiful! With a splendid view of the Volcano. Our coffee trees grown in the shade of larger trop...


WWOOF El Salvador 0009

Agua Fria, El Salvador

Building a farm and retreat on the fringe of civilization in coastal El Salvador. Cultivando una granja y r...


WWOOF El Salvador 0003

La Libertad , El Salvador

Welcome to Casa Organica in El Salvador if you wish to interchange staying for work,... we have an ecological...


WWOOF El Salvador 0004

San Ignacio, El Salvador

Our farm in the El Trifinio Biosphere on the slopes of El Salvador´s highest mountain is in the process of se...


WWOOF El Salvador 0006

Isla Tasajera, El Salvador

Enjoy a fishing community of 111 families and travelers from around the world. We are an organic fish farm and...


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