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WWOOF Indonesia 0034

Natal, Indonesia

A place of experiments, sharing, learning, well being and fun. :) Right now we need urgent help for our nat...


WWOOF Tonga 0001

Neiafu, Vava'u, Tonga

Private island eco-resort looking for a cook for July 1 - Nov 7, a bit flexible with dates.


WWOOF Vietnam 0003

Ho Chi Minh , Vietnam

Natural farm in south of Vietnam with all local vegetables planting, home livestock animal


WWOOF Cook Islands 0003

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Learn about our tropical island way of life and our focus on sustainable tourism


WWOOF Russia 0011


Fedorovtsy, the True Orthodox commune in the province of Voronezh


WWOOF Malaysia 0047

Jitra, Malaysia

A newly started farm located at Jitra, Kedah. It's just 20 minutes from the city of Kedah, Alor Setar. We prov...


WWOOF Cambodia 0013

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

To create a mutually beneficial relationship, where someone can experience the true meaning of Cambodia while ...


WWOOF Georgia 0007

Tbilisi, Georgia

Ancient historical country Nice old house in the west of Georgia between Kutaisi and Martvili with a small fa...


WWOOF Azerbaijan 0001

Zaqatala, Azerbaijan

JALIAR firm has a farm with 4 hectares of plantations of organic rose and plant for processing roses and getti...


WWOOF Jordan 0008

South Shuneh, Jordan

The Valley of Peace is an experimental initiative to have a peace community, organic farming and an earth scho...


WWOOF Indonesia 0002

Padangbai, Indonesia

We are slowly building up to self sufficiency in organic food for all our guests and later to supply others. A...


WWOOF Indonesia 0027

Denpasar, Indonesia

Please read carefully till the end of page :) We really appreciate the wwoof The chance to see places from ...


WWOOF Jordan 0003

Ghor Al Mazra'a, Jordan

We are an NGO working on new, future possibilities regarding environmental issues, education, economy, employm...


WWOOF Russia 0005

Suzemsky raion, Bryansk Region, Russia

Sorry we are currently not accepting volunteers because we are now in a border zone which doesn't allow foreig...


WWOOF Russia 0056

near Krasnodar, Russia

Young and open-minded family, living in friendly eco-village in the South of Russia. Building straw bale hous...


WWOOF Jordan 0002

Aqaba, Jordan

We have a bedouin camp and farm in Wadi Rum Protected Area, Jordan. Welcome to our desert.


WWOOF Malaysia 0021

Macang Bubuk, Malaysia

We are an organic farm. We grow fruits and vegetables and rear chickens, ducks and geese.


WWOOF Malaysia 0030

Kubang Pasu, Malaysia

A farm built on ECO & Organic platform, ready with group activities, farm stay, outdoor camping, and many more...


WWOOF Russia 0001


Nikola-Lenivets art-park: life and creativity out in the nature. The first art-park in Russia Nikola-Lenivets...


WWOOF Vietnam 0027

Ha Giang, Vietnam

Hill tribes in the north Vietnam is still rooted in rice terraces, tea and herbal trees of their's indigenous ...


WWOOF Russia 0014

Toropets, Russia

Horse based ranch to help childs and stressed people. Momentarily disabled because of squatters.


WWOOF Jordan 0001


I am a Bedouin living in Wadi Rum and have a small organic garden with different kinds of trees, such as olive...


WWOOF Malaysia 0012

Raub, Malaysia

Practice natural farming and respect the nature


WWOOF Indonesia 0040

Belopa, Indonesia

Come to volunteer in our small farm, share ideas of reusing plastic bottles, and teaching English to the local...


WWOOF Cambodia 0005

Veal Thom / Kampong Speu, Cambodia

Combining camping with recreation and/or volunteering. Growing vegetable and fruits on native farming techniqu...


WWOOF Cambodia 0014

Takeo Province, Cambodia

CAHCC stands for Charity Association Helping Cambodia's Children. The goal of CAHCC is to alleviate poverty an...


WWOOF Pakistan 0006

Multan, Pakistan

This is a very beautiful non-commercial field inviting life into yourselves


WWOOF Indonesia 0009

Bali, Indonesia

We are a unique organic garden and retreat center with lush tropical vegetation in the heart of Bali. Situated...


WWOOF Malaysia 0040

Broga, Malaysia

Establishing the self-sufficient edible forest through home-scale permaculture and natural farming. To share o...


WWOOF Jordan 0031

Aqaba, Jordan

I am a bedouin goat keeper and tour operator living in the renowned desert of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan. Com...


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