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WWOOF Nicaragua 0015

Bluefields, Nicaragua

SCONFRA hace parte del proyecto COPRAJ (Centro Ocupacional de Prevencion y Reinsercion para Adolescentes y Jov...


WWOOF Panama 0001

solarte, Panama

We are starting a permaculture homestead and small eco-lodge on a Virgin Caribbean Island.


WWOOF El Salvador 0002

San Salvador, El Salvador

The farm is beautiful! With a splendid view of the Volcano. Our coffee trees grown in the shade of larger trop...


WWOOF Nicaragua 0007

Rivas, Nicaragua

Permaculture Garden, Healing Center, Massage, Workshop Exchange, Camping


WWOOF Uruguay 0006

Lavalleja / Minas, Uruguay

Pequeña casa de barro en las sierras, lejos de la civilización donde producimos aceite esencial de Schinus l...


WWOOF Trinidad and Tobago 0003

Pointe a Pierre , Trinidad and Tobago

Developing 2 acres of fully organic farms land to be utilized for a gourmet farm to table restaurant and event...


WWOOF Ecuador 0007

Guayama Grande, Ecuador

Estoy buscando voluntarios para que me apoyan en mi finca con mis proyectos y emprendimientos. Los voluntarios...


WWOOF Jamaica 0025

Colgate, St-Ann, Jamaica

Quaint 5 acres homestead on the hills of Ocho Rios, only 8 min from town but a world away...


WWOOF Trinidad and Tobago 0001

Mary's Hill, Trinidad and Tobago

Eden's Door is a world of peace, tranquility , agriculture and fitness within a 6-acre forest on the edge of a...


WWOOF Panama 0007

Pina, Panama

We speak Spanish and English at this gorgeous coconut farm.. Beautiful and peaceful area with three loving dog...


WWOOF Anguilla 0002

St. Maarten, Anguilla

We are the proud owners of an Eco-focused Hostel combined with Bed & Breakfast facilities located in The Keys ...


WWOOF Uruguay 0004

Aguas Corrientes, Uruguay

Organic garden in riverside botanical reserve


WWOOF Dominican Republic 0003

san pedro de marcoris, Dominican Republic

New organic farm, we are producing fruits an vegetables, located in Dominican Republic.


WWOOF Honduras 0002


Leadership MIssion International runs a coffee farm and vegetable gardens on the campus of The Leadership Cent...


WWOOF Nicaragua 0002

Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Farm in progress...we have taken a desolate, empty lot and are making the impossible happen and hopefully, you...


WWOOF Panama 0002

Santa Catalina, Panama

Lago Bay is a Panama Pacific residential beach community near Santa Catalina with agricultural projects such a...


WWOOF Bolivia 0011

Porongo, Bolivia

La Orilla es un proyecto experimental. No esta limitado todavía en sus objetivos de autogestión. A dentro de...


WWOOF Suriname 0001

Saramacca, Suriname

The Mary Garden was born out of deep love that the governance and management of the Maria Institute has for Mo...


WWOOF Dominican Republic 0001

Santiago, Dominican Republic

Rancho Diaz-Morales began as a dream and currently encompasses farming and animal husbandry. In the future, we...


WWOOF Bolivia 0008

Tarija, Bolivia

A place whit an organic garden and a laboratory to make artisan food products


WWOOF Trinidad and Tobago 0002

San fernando , Trinidad and Tobago

We are a medium size farm . We grow most of what we cook . We are a family farm we work together as a team...


WWOOF Uruguay 0024

La Coronilla, Uruguay

Nuestro lema: Un pacto de armonía entre el hombre y la naturaleza. Tenemos como misión reconstruir la trama ...


WWOOF Uruguay 0025

Colonia Valdense, Uruguay

Our Eco- friendly certified farm is a nice Living Lab, where nature and auto sustainable really matters. Dairy...


WWOOF Nicaragua 0001

EL Crucero, Nicaragua

Not taking volunteers this year.


WWOOF Bolivia 0006

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

So Sorry to everybody who has written to us without a response! Unfortunately we have gotten tied up with our...


WWOOF Bolivia 0001

Tarija, Bolivia

my farm works with bees especially, is a cozy place with very nice view.


WWOOF Uruguay 0013

britopolis, Uruguay

we are a young family of chicagoans turned uruguayos producing food mainly for our own consumption. We would l...


WWOOF Bolivia 0002

Samaipata, Bolivia

We have a Organic Farm in Samaipata, Bolivia.


WWOOF Uruguay 0002

La Paloma, Uruguay

La Posta de la Laguna is a cultural and tourist resort 7 Km from La Paloma (Rocha). Our mission is take care o...


WWOOF Guyana 0001

East Bank Demerara, Guyana

Startup 100 Acre farm that will follow the principles of permaculture.


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