WWOOF Independents links volunteers with organic farmers and growers in countries without a national WWOOF organization.

Travel the globe

WWOOF Independents represents countries without a national WWOOF organisation, currently 720 hosts in 84 countries

Meet new people

Meet people that have a genuine interest in learning about organic growing, country living and ecologically sound lifestyles.

Learn organic farming

Stay, eat and work with farmers that grow organically using ecologically sound methods and provide hands-on experience.

This is WWOOF

WWOOF links people who want to volunteer on organic farms with farms that are looking for volunteer help. The WWOOF arrangement is not paid, it is volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities in organic farming.

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This is WWOOF Independents

WWOOF Independents represents countries that do not have a national WWOOF organisation. As a member of WWOOF Independents you will be able to connect with any of our 720 hosts in 84 countries. A one year membership costs £15 .

See the complete WWOOF Independents country list here.

Volunteering as a WWOOFer

Are you interested in learning about organic growing, country living and an ecologically sound lifestyle? As a volunteer you live with your host and cooperate with day to day activities such as growing vegetables, building straw bale houses, working with animals, gardening, keeping bees, making wine and much more.

Browse through our host list to find one that suits your interests.

Becoming a WWOOF host

WWOOF hosts grow organically, are in conversion, or use ecologically sound methods. As a WWOOF host you provide a rewarding experience for volunteers by offering learning opportunities and hands-on experiences in organic growing.

Read more about the benefits of becoming a WWOOF host.

Can't find the country you're looking for? For countries not in WWOOF Independents, visit WWOOF.net.